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According to the SEAI website an average of150 homes per day in 2012 received energyupgrades. 26,000 homeowners undertookinsulation and heating upgrades including€29 million exchequer support. Separately 14,000vulnerable low-income households receivedinsulation upgrades through the Better EnergyWarmer Homes scheme, a vital pillar in theGovernment’s strategy to tackle energy affordability. As the Better Energy Homes grant is finishingat the end of 2013 now is the time to registerfor your grant if you have not availed of one already.
Youghal the venue this week as we move intoWoodland Grove. As usual, walls and atticsinsulated and ventilated for Cork County Council.Wrap up warm, it's cold out there Youghal!
Monday and Tuesday spent getting to grips withSycamore Drive in Conna. 300mm URSA in the atticalong with lagging the tanks and pipework.60mm Envirobead plus pumped into the walls.The ventilation of the roofs was carried out with6 x20,000 mm profiled roof vents and the wallswith 5" ,8500mm wall kit in the sitting roomsto prevent risk from carbon monoxide poisoning.As usual the lads are using the rope system allowingthem to work safely on the roof. The neat finishon the walls barely visible on the dash and will begone when lower sections are painted.